olympic coast


Being born on Portland and brought up in Weymouth provides me with a history and a heritage, along with an excuse for having an understanding and vision for observing the seaside around me. With Weymouth and Portland the sailing venue for the 2012 London Olympic Games it is as if the sporting world is coming to my own back yard.

        Weymouth Bay is the natural arena for the sailing events with a timelessness unchanged in generations. It is a natural amphitheatre evolved through 180 million years of geological history. As a deck chair attendant for the local Council in my mid- teens, a glance across the bay in the early morning would give me an accurate indication of the weather over the next few hours. So frequently that clear morning would be the calm before the storm. Local knowledge indeed, with the visitors unimpressed with my bad weather predictions. But I was frequently right! On a clear day the view of the bay is always spectacular with the sailing craft crossing the horizon from Weymouth Harbour towards Osmington Bay and back.

“Olympic Coast” is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

Michael Hallett was born on Portland and brought up in Weymouth. The sailing events of the twenty-twelve Olympiad will be in his own back yard. The new publication OLYMPIC COAST is as much to do with his being there as it is to do with local history & heritage. It links all this with his photographs and iconographic imagery he calls the ‘photo construction’.

For publication in time for the run up to the London 2012 Olympics, this is a picture led publication with photo constructions and photographs plus 3 essays. It looks at the coastline between Bournemouth and Dartmouth with a photographic focus on Weymouth & Portland, the venue for the sailing events of the 2012 Olympiad.

Scheduled for publication April 2012 by the Henwick Hill Press.

Size and length: 25cm x 20cm landscape, ca.116 pages.

ISBN 978-0-9561570-0-3.


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